Why is it Important for Your Website to be Secure?

Jul 08, 2020 04:45 PM

Many business owners or companies are often unaware that the website they own is not secure.

If you build a website and do not secure it properly, the website may be at risk and exposed to trouble in the future. So, it is essential to pay attention and be diligent about this issue as soon as possible!

The Site Security Standard (HTTPS) is designed to protect both the user (your potential customer) who accesses the site and the information on the site itself.  Even if there is no sensitive information (such as medical or credit card information) the site must be secured and preferably at the highest level.

Why is it important to protect the visitor on our site?

To begin with, you have built a website to show that you are a serious business and to attract more customers in order to increase sales. While it is true that online sites are never 100% protected in terms of security, your visitors should feel that you have done the maximum to protect them.
However, the main reason for securing your site is that, through an unsecured site, a third party can get information about site users, learn their behaviour and exploit them for many purposes including fraud, theft and so on. 

In addition, from a marketing standpoint, a site that is not secured earns a very low ranking on Google. Google has explicitly stated that it prefers to promote secure sites.

So how do you know if a Website is secure or not?

It’s quite simple. Go to the website and look at the site address. If secure, Chrome will display a lock symbol next to the URL. If not, the words "not secure" will appear beside the site address.

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