Web application for an international real estate company

 Investsmart is an international real estate investment company.

 We built a web App that includes a world map which allows the investor to "travel through the internet" in order to investigate real estate possibilities all over the globe without leaving the office. 

The app is a two-step user experience. Every time the user touches different countries on the map a specific country is highlighted.

Once the user selects a chosen country, the map opens to the city level and the user can travel with the mouse to different neighborhoods as each area becomes highlighted.

 After the user chooses the area two things happen. 

First, drawing from Investsmart's database, the website highlights all the relevant information about the investment.  

Second, it allows the user to submit reliable information for Investsmart's admin to review and approve (similar to Wikipedia). Once Investsmart's admin has confirmed the validity of the submitted information, the product becomes more accurate and benefits everyone on the site. 


What we did

Web App

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